Ice Removal with Mobile Steamers at a Vestas wind farm in Mutkalampi, Finland

1) Can you tell us about yourself and about the work you do at Mutkalampi wind farm? – My name is Jimmy Nielsen and I work as site manager at a Vestas wind farm in Mutkalampi. Vestas, the company I work for, is building 69 wind turbines for NEON, our customer here in Mutkalampi. My … Read more

Ice removal with mobile steamers on a construction site in Pedersöre, Finland

1) What was AMP contracted to do and for who? – We were hired by Jake Rakennus Bygg Ab Oy, a construction company that had been contracted to expand Fresh Ab’s production facilities in Pedersöre, Finland. Thick ice had started to form on the site’s roof and in the gutters and there was a build-up … Read more

Roof maintenance for Marc’s Gård, Överpurmo, Finland

Marina and Marc Bock are content with their lives. At the time of writing, it is exactly 20 years since the couple moved from Luxembourg to Överpurmo, Finland, to become organic beekeepers. They work long hours maintaining the buildings and, of course, managing their bee yard’s 240 hives. However, the red and yellow farmhouse is … Read more