Ice removal with mobile steamers on a construction site in Pedersöre, Finland

1) What was AMP contracted to do and for who?

– We were hired by Jake Rakennus Bygg Ab Oy, a construction company that had been contracted to expand Fresh Ab’s production facilities in Pedersöre, Finland. Thick ice had started to form on the site’s roof and in the gutters and there was a build-up of snow and ice in the moulds for the spiral staircases.

2) Why were snow and ice a problem for the customer?

– There was ice on the roof and in the gutters which hinders the builders’ work, causes delays, and ultimately result in the client falling behind schedule. Then, there’s the fact that casting is complicated by a build-up of snow and ice in the moulds.

3) How did AMP solve the problem?

– We used steam to melt all the ice off the roof so the builders could continue their work without a hitch. We used the same technique to melt the snow and ice from the moulds so casting could proceed as planned.

4) Which AMP professional fulfilled the contract?

– Alexander Björkskog completed the task, and with a smile!

5) When was the service ice removal with mobile steamers performed?

– 9.3.2022.

Attention! During the time the mission was carried out, the company went by the name Ammattipojat. In 2022 we changed the company name to AMP Services Oy Ab and the brand name AMP.


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