Roof maintenance for Marc’s Gård, Överpurmo, Finland

Marina and Marc Bock are content with their lives. At the time of writing, it is exactly 20 years since the couple moved from Luxembourg to Överpurmo, Finland, to become organic beekeepers. They work long hours maintaining the buildings and, of course, managing their bee yard’s 240 hives. However, the red and yellow farmhouse is more than just a place of business – it’s the Bock’s home. It’s where their three children grew up and where they work together, as a family.

Marina and Marc Bock with their German shepherd Althea in front of their fairy tale home, which dates to 1720.

Three tin roofs in need of some TLC

There are many unique buildings on the Bock’s property. For starters, there’s the charming building which dates to 1720. The couple rescued it from deterioration and lovingly restored it over many years. Then there is the cottage, another ‘rescue’ project, which was moved from another farm in Purmo to the Bock’s property. Finally, there is the summer cottage dating to 1850. It was owned by Marina’s grandmother and is where she spent her childhood summers. Marc and Marina’s father washed and painted the summer cottage’s roof 25 years ago. Time constraints prevented them from doing the job themselves and is the reason they asked for professional help.

– We received a brochure in the post and contacted AMP. From the brochure and call, we concluded they work quickly and are service-oriented. Also, work safety is of utmost importance to them, and they work with an aerial work platform, which means they don’t damage roofs while working, say Marina and Marc.

Time takes its toll on old houses. Here, Evert Pesämaa paints the roof’s edges of the summer cottage by hand.

When painting metal roofs, you can choose any colour you like. The Bock family chose brown for the cottage’s roof because it’s a shade that matches the rural surroundings.

AMP takes utmost care of their customers’ properties by protecting their gardens and windows against damage. Here, Evert is painting the tin roof of the Bock’s fairy tale home.

What does the Bock family think of the result?

AMP estimates a roof maintenance service and paint job for a detached house to take three days. However, a roof project is weather-dependent. If it’s too hot, the paint dries too quickly and will crack easily, and if it rains, the paint won’t dry at all. Flexibility is key to a successful project, which means AMP professionals sometimes work long hours to get the best result.

– It’s clear that they are passionate about their jobs and take professional pride in their work. They have a real sense of responsibility and cover the windows before they start painting. I know from experience that you can’t paint in the rain and the guys made sure they finished before the rain started. We are satisfied with their work and can recommend AMP to anyone who’s looking for quality workmanship, smiled Marina.

Attention! During the time the mission was carried out, the company went by the name Ammattipojat. In 2022 we changed the company name to AMP Services Oy Ab and the brand name AMP.


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