Roof services for Anderssons’ family home in Finland

What is your name and where do you live?

– My name is Sören Andersson and I live in Helsinki, Finland. However, the roof project was carried out at my childhood home in Bosund, Finland, where my mother lives.

Tell me about the house and its location.

– The house is a large detached house and has a big garage. It’s in the countryside, in an open area and is visible from all nearby roads.

How long have you lived in the house?

– I lived in the house for about 7 years when I was younger. My mother has lived there for 30 years now.

As good as new: the homeowner’s brick roof gets treated to a makeover, including the cleaning, painting, and replacing of tiles.

When and how did you notice that the roof needed maintenance?

– Although the house’s tile roof has been deteriorating for a few years, there was nothing that needed immediate action. The garage’s metal roof, however, has been in bad shape for many years and should have been fixed years ago.

How did you hear about AMP?

– A relative mentioned AMP when we were talking about house repairs a year or two ago.

Why did you choose AMP?

– I chose AMP because of the company’s proximity to the property.

Which service did AMP provide?

– We chose to wash and paint both roofs. A coat of moss killer was applied to the tiled roof and a few broken tiles were replaced.

Before AMP painted the tiles, they cleaned the tiles, replaced the broken ones, and removed the roof’s debris.

When did the project start and finish?

– The project started on the 17th of June, 2021, and finished on the 30th of July, 2021. The project could have finished earlier but there was a week’s delay in painting because of a rainstorm.

Protecting the windows and adhering to safety regulations are part and parcel of carrying out paint services for AMP.

How would you describe AMP’s way of working?

– Professional! They guided us through the process beforehand and the tasks were executed exactly as they’d told us they would.

Would you recommend AMP’s roof services?

– I would recommend AMP’s roof services to anyone who has a roof in need of washing/painting.

AMP applies two coats of paint to your roof. A first, thin, coat is spray painted and a second, thicker, coat is applied for an immaculate finish. Here, Lennart Snellman puts the finishing touches to the Anderssons’ roof.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

– I am very happy with the project’s result!

Attention! During the time the mission was carried out, the company went by the name Ammattipojat. In 2022 we changed the company name to AMP Services Oy Ab and the brand name AMP.

If you need help with cleaning or painting your roof. We are here to serve with pressure washing and different type of painting techniques. Contact us!